The Houston Civil War Round Table is proud to honor one of its founding members by its annual presentation of The Vandiver Award.

Frank Everson Vandiver (1925-2005) was a widely recognized academic, an honored author, and a respected administrator of three universities: Rice University, University of North Texas, and Texas A&M University. He had strong ties to the greater Houston area as well as to the Houston Civil War Round Table.

Each year the Vandiver Award recognizes the outstanding contributions to Civil War scholarship or preservation efforts by an individual or an institution.  That individual or a representative of the institution is invited to our Round Table to receive the Award.  Lynda Christ, Editor of the Jefferson Davis Papers at Rice University, was the first recipient in 1982.  Other past winners include Ed Bearss, Frank O’Reilly, Ed Cotham, Don Troiani, Dr. James I. Robertson, Dr. Richard Sommers, Gordon Rhea, and Dr. James McPherson. The 2016 Vandiver Award was presented to Eric Jacobson for his work with the Battle of Franklin Trust. Because of the high regard in which Dr. Vandiver is held by Civil War scholars and aficionados, this award is widely recognized by many who appreciate American history and is greatly appreciated by recipients.

Frank Everson Vandiver

For more information about this remarkable historian, please see the following sites:

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2022 - Dr. Timothy B. Smith

2021 - Dr. Donald S. Frazier

2020 - Dr. Brian Steel Wills

2019 - A. Wilson Green
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2018 - David E. Roth

2017 - Gary W. Gallagher

2016 - Eric Jacobson

2015 - Dr. James McPherson

2012 - John L. Nau, III

Edward T. Cotham

Edwin C. Bearss

Gordon Rhea

Dr. James I. Robertson

Dr. Richard Sommers

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