Until further notice, The Round Table meetings for the 2020-2021 Campaign will be held virtually on Zoom. The Zoom App will run on all platforms and is fairly easy to use. You may already be familiar with Zoom but if you are not, it is suggested that you search the internet for educational videos and articles you can view or read to learn about it. You might also want to team-up with some Round Table members to set up a “practice meeting” where you can familiarize yourself with the operation of the application prior to attending your first meeting. If you do not use computers, you can attend the meeting by calling in to it on any phone. Please see the educational resource links below.

What you need to know and do prior to the meeting:.

* Zoom is free.
* Download and install the Zoom Client for Meetings on your computer.
* All members in good standing will be sent an email invitation on the Monday prior to the meeting.
* The invitation will contain a link to the Monthly Zoom Meeting.
* The meeting will be scheduled to start at 7:00 PM.

For More Information: See our Speakers and Topics Page.

Educational Resources:

WikiHow (article) How to Join a Zoom Meeting

YouTube (video) Join a Zoom Meeting

Joining a Zoom Meeting by Phone Call (article)

If you have questions or problems with Zoom, call or email Barry Brueggeman at 281-480-1130, Reservations@HoustonCivilWar.com, and he will try to help you.

The HCWRT on facebook.

The HCWRT on facebook.

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